Remote Support

Ready for the convenience of remote support? Schedule a session or give us a call at 815 797 9789.
Once we are on the phone together, you just need to download our remote support tool.

Just pick the option below that matches the type of device you’re on.

Oh, and on Mac, you might need to check out this article to change a couple settings.
Don’t worry – we can walk through this together if that’s easier. It only takes a couple minutes.

Windows Download ButtonDownload for MacOS
Alternative downloads: Backup ClientKCDS Client

On Windows or Mac, you may need to click “yes” to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Don’t worry, this is what actually lets us control the keyboard and mouse alongside you. Once you’ve done that, we’re ready to get started.

Oh, and we know we mentioned it earlier, but please remember – you are always in control! We take great pride in providing you with convenient and expert technical help. You can always end the remote support session any time, and your mouse & keyboard movements always take priority over ours. Once you exit the application, there is also no way for us to get back in unless you reopen it.