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We provide sales, support, and consulting services for residential and business customers alike. For our business customers, we are experts in enterprise networking, security & surveillance, telephony, and systems integration. Our experience spans from the smallest of retail to the complexities of HIPAA in the healthcare sector. For our residential customers, we are experts in computer repair and sales, home networking & home automation, and home security. In either case, we align solutions that exceed your expectations while minimizing your (or your businesses) costs. 

If it plugs in, odds are we sell, support, and fix it. Our remote services are available from anywhere in the US and on site service is available anywhere in the greater Rockford Illinois area. We don’t markup parts and our services are a flat hourly rate. Everything we sell has a one year warranty a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Yep – software and labor included. That’s how confident we are in what we can do for you.
Simple, right?
That’s how technology should be.
Call us today. Be up and running tonight.

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About Us

About Us

180 Computer Solutions is a small, locally owned company run by Alex LeFebvre. We have been providing technical support and IT consulting services to the greater Rockford area for over a decade. We are experts in information technology for individuals and small businesses alike. Whether it’s your personal computer or your business network, we’re here to help. From computers to surveillance systems to home automation, we fix, sell, and support it all. Our goal is to save you money and put you in control of your technology. Try us. You’ll like us – or your money back. It’s that simple.

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How to get in touch

For fastest service, call, text, or email us at:

Phone (815) 797 9789 Email: support@180cs.com

Why don’t we have a store to stop by?
Like online retailers, we stay affordable by not having a physical store.
….unlike online retailers, we’re local and service-oriented. We’ll deliver solutions right to your door. People. With solutions. Not boxes with wires and complicated instruction sets.
Simple, right?

Some of our services

Speaking of services, here’s just some of what we can do for you:

Computer upgrades & computer repair
Should you upgrade your current computer or get a new one? We’ll be glad to help step through that decision with you. 4 out of 5 times, we can upgrade your current computer to be even faster than a new, computer for a quarter of the cost. If however you do need a new computer (or printer…or scanner…or tv…or anything else) we encourage you to look at our prices and then look at our competition. 

Hosted voice & business networking
Are you still paying hundreds of dollars a month for business phone service? Or maybe you’re one person at home still paying $40 a month for phone service. Regardless if you’re one person or a business, we’re always happy to help save our customers money. In almost all cases, we can reduce your phone bills by over 80% – even if as a business, you already modernized and gone to a cloud phone provider! Imagine taking a $50 phone bill and turning it into a $10 one. Or taking a $1,000 phone bill and making it be $100.

Home security & home automation 
Do you have an existing home security system, or want one that costs $10 a month instead of $40 and doesn’t lock you into a contract?

Have you ever been to a home where the garage door automatically opened when you pulled up? Where you could say “good evening” and have all the lights turn on at low brightness while your favorite playlist begins to fade in? Or telling your home to turn off the living room lights if you forgot to before going to bed? How about simply telling your TV to show you the driveway camera? These systems are more affordable than ever and can be installed in just a few hours in any home.

FREE technology cost evaluation
Most people are overpaying by $100 or more a month for cable or satellite TV service.
Most people overpay $100 or more a month for their cell phones.
Most people overpay $30 a month for their internet.
That’s almost three thousand dollars a year that we can save the average small family just by doing a free audit with you on your current technology related bills. Our biggest cost savings for a family was over $5,000 a year in savings while getting then better service than they had before. Our biggest cost savings for a business was over $90,000 a year.

Want to find out what we can do for you or your business?
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