Remote Support

Remote Support

We would drive 500 miles…and we would drive 500 more…but if you’re halfway across the country, do you really want us to drive 1,000 miles to meet you at your door? (Good song, but maybe not a good business idea…) If you need software help, we can use the tools on this page to remotely access your computer, phone, or tablet.

Please start by giving us a call at 815 797 9789. We need to be on the phone together to start a remote support session. Once we’re on the phone together, we’ll go through the instructions below together:

Once the remote support application has finished downloading, double click it’s icon to run it. On Windows or Mac, you may need to click “yes” to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Don’t worry, this is what actually lets us control the keyboard and mouse alongside you.

After we’re on the phone together, we will provide you with a 9 digit code. Enter that into the support application, and voila! You’re connected.

Oh, and remember Рyou are always in control! You can end the remote support session any time and your mouse & keyboard movements always take precedence over ours. Once you exit the application, there is also no way for us to get back in unless you reopen it.